ultra-lite aluminum frame

Aluminum tent frame

We at Kwik Kamp take great pride in our products. We have spent an extensive amount of time researching materials and fabricating processes, as well as field testing our products.  These efforts are geared for one goal, to produce the lightest and strongest internal tent frame possible.  We are proud to say that we exceeded this goal with our Ultra-Lite Aluminum Frame.

The Ultra-Lite Aluminum Frame is constructed out of 1 1/2" OD round aluminum tubing.  This tubing is milled to our specifications and is a Kwik Kamp exclusive found nowhere else in the industry.  The unique material allows us to produce a frame which is comparable in strength to our time-proven steel frame, yet is about 40% lighter in weight.  Similar in design to our Pro Packer Frame, the Ultra-Lite Aluminum Frame features heavily reinforced angle fittings which detach from the main tubes.  This makes for a more compact unit.  Ideal for use on horseback, in an airplane, or in a boat. 

The Ultra-Lite Aluminum frame can also be custom built to match your existing tent.  See the link at the bottom of the page for instructions on how to measure your tent.

Each frame comes with packaging straps and an angle fittings bag.

Single Upright Aluminum Frame

wall tent aluminum frame

 The Single Upright Ultra-Lite Aluminum Frame is available for wall tent sizes up to 12x14.  Single Upright frames come with all fittings and poles to provide three legs and rafters on each side of your tent (total of 6 legs). 

Dual Upright Aluminum Frame

aluminum frame for wall tent

 The Dual Upright Ultra-Lite Aluminum Frame is  for wall tents up to 16x18.  Dual Upright frames comes with all fittings and poles to provide four legs and rafters on each side of your tent (total of 8 legs).  A Triple Upright (total of 10 legs) is available for tents ups to 16x20.

Click on the link below for a diagram of how to measure your tent for a Kwik Kamp frame.

How to measure your tent

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