The Octagon from Oregon

We are proud to offer the ultimate airtight wood burning camp stove. The Kwik Kamp Octagon Stove has been designed and engineered for peak performance and longevity in the field. Our simple yet highly efficient stove design will give you incredibly long burn times with unparalleled BTU outputs.

The heart of our stove is its octagon-shaped fire box.  We use 12 gauge steel for the body of the stove and form it into the eight sided octagon shape. The unique design virtually eliminates any distortion or body warp. The back of the fire box is 12 gauge steel with an “X” cross break formed into the plate. This break also helps to prevent warp.

The top of our stove is 10 gauge steel and is assembled with hefty “strong back” braces on the under side. This engineering assures the top will remain flat, even with continual wide open high burns.  Our stove door is fabricated with 12 gauge steel and utilizes a fiberglass rope seal around the entire perimeter. Not only does the rope seal give the stove its air tight fire box, but the channel we use to position the seal also strengthens the door immensely. We chose a round spin draft damper system on the door for ease of operation. An air baffle placed behind the draft damper helps to prevent hot sparks from leaving the front of the stove through the damper slots. The positive locking door latch features a decorative wood handle to open and close the door. Best of all our stoves do  not require the use of a damper in the stove pipe. You only need to regulate the airflow coming into the fire box with the door damper. You can even extinguish the fire in the stove if the door damper is shut off completely (a plus when you want to conserve on wood).

The stove legs are constructed of a heavy round pipe with a course thread insert in one end. The legs thread into inserts on the bottom of the stove. A course thread allows for an easy insert even when threads are dirty.
All stove sizes have 5” stove pipe openings on the tops of the stoves. The 5" pipe ring is recessed inside the stove giving you a flat stove top for easy for packing. 

We offer a 28 gauge galvanized tapered stove pipe set for use on our stoves. Each pipe set comes with five 22” long sections. The pipe graduates slightly larger with each section (5” diameter at stove to 6” diameter at end of last pipe). When disassembled each pipe will invert and slide inside the next, leaving only one length of pipe to pack (fits inside stove). Our pipe uses a spot welded seam instead of a lock seam. This makes for a better fit and reduces the chance of smoke leakage at each joint.

The optional warming tray can attach to either side of the stove. These trays are made out of 12 gauge steel and insert into slots on the side of the stove. Because both stoves are made the same length (24” long) the side tray interchangeable on both stoves. The tray extends the cooking surface an additional 8”.  

Our stainless steel water tanks will also fit any Kwik Kamp Octagon Stove. They may be placed on either side (or both sides if desired) of the stove. The tank holds 3 gallons of water. The top of the tank is hinged to open for easy filling. The dimensional size of the tank allows it to fit inside either of our stoves. A Kwik Kamp Stove is made to accept up to two trays and two tanks in conjunction.

All stoves come with a handy stove poker.  This poker will fit inside the stove along with the other accessories. We also give you a set of protective leather stove gloves. Use the gloves to handle a hot water tank or disassemble a warm stove.

With our extensive testing we are able to give you specific burn times and BTU outputs for each stove size. We are confident you will agree this is the finest wood burning stove on the market (see pricing link at bottom of page for sizing, BTU's, and pricing). 

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