Canvas VS. Synthetic


Canvas is the original tent material that has been used for generations.  Nothing else has the natural ability to breathe like cotton does.  Canvas material provides more insulation to help hold in heat during the cold winter and keep your tent cooler in warm weather.  Since Canvas is a heavier material than a lightweight synthetic, it is much more durable and also significantly more quiet.  Synthetic tents just can't compare to tried and true canvas. 

Army Duck Canvas

Our tightly woven  Army Duck  canvas is  100% cotton that is treated to be water, mildew and flame resistant.  The canvas finishes at approximately 12 oz. per square yard after treatment.  This Army Duck material has two ply's twisted together going in both directions, providing a stronger and more durable fabric.  

tent seam

Double Lap Felled Seam vs. Other Seams

A single stitch is just two pieces of fabric put together with a single stitch, making it a very primitive seam.

 A double stitch is two pieces of fabric put together with two parallel stitches, making it slightly better than a single stitch.

A rolled and sewn seam is rolled and typically sewn with a double stitch (most commonly used by our competitors).  

We take our seams seriously and go even a step further. Our tents are made using a super strong double lap felled seam (with wick resistant thread).  It is far superior to a single stitch , double stitch,  or even a rolled and sewn stitch.  A double lap felled seam (that we use) interlocks the fabric (as shown in diagram) and then it is double stitched with a locking stitch.  This makes a more durable and more water resistant seam.