Cook Shack

Canvas tent cookshack

The Cook Shack is a ten foot extension that mates perfectly with your Kwik Kamp Outfitter Wall Tent (making it modular).  It is constructed with one open end that attaches to the end of your Kwik Kamp Outfitter Wall Tent and one fully enclosed end (door).  The Cook Shack overlaps the wall tent by 12" to help eliminate leaking.  Since the Outfitter Tent comes with black reinforced vinyl peak and eaves that accept an attached frame, adding the Cook Shack is simple and hassle free. Canvas Cook Shacks can not be custom built to fit other tent brands. The Cook Shack comes with zippered door and Fastex buckles (to completely enclose the front), sod cloth, stove jack, ropes and tensioners, and canvas bag.

The Kwik Kamp Attached Cook Shack Frame is used when adding a Cook Shack to the front of your Outfitter Wall Tent and can also be custom built to add to the front of any Kwik Kamp tent frame (new or old).  The Attached Frame plugs directly into your existing Kwik Kamp Frame through the end wall of the tent.  The Attached Cook Shack Frame can only be used on tents manufactured in such a manner as to allow the frame tube to extend through the sidewall (eaves).  These frames are not freestanding, they must connect to an existing Kwik Kamp Frame.

(see below for pricing)

cook shack pricing

Attached Cook Shack Frame


Pictured above is the Attached Cook Shack Frame connected to an Outfitter Wall Tent and frame.  The frame can be used with an extended tarp/fly or our Canvas Cook Shack.  Also available in 6' and 12' lengths (call for pricing).  

Cook Shack Pricing


The first number in the size must match the width of your existing Kwik Kamp Outfitter Wall Tent.  The second number (10) is the length of the Cook Shack.  Add the price of the Cook Shack with  the style of frame that matches your current Kwik Kamp Frame (Steel or Aluminum).