kwik kamp accessories

Clothing Rack

clothing rack for tent

Conserve on space by using the Kwik Kamp Clothing Rack.  This 5 Hook Clothing Rack attaches to Kwik Kamp Tent Frames in any position (best to clamp one end to a fitting to prevent moving).  Use this rack for drying clothes/boots or hanging gear.  

$39.00 each

Kwik Shelf

shelves for tent

Why dig through boxes on the ground to find what you need? This shelf is perfect for storing food, dishes, gear, clothes, etc.  It attaches to your existing Kwik Kamp Frame (on the sidewall) to conserve on ground space and organize your camp.  Our shelf system is modular.  You can have one or two shelves in a vertical row, or you can use the shelves individually in different locations.  Shelves fold up when not in use and breaks down to a packable sze.  The entire unit is 17 1/2" tall x 37  1/2" wide.

One shelf  $85.00 (includes hardware)

Two Shelf Set  $179.00 (includes hardware)

Extension Pole

extension pole for tent

The Ridge Pole Extension can be added to either the Pro Packer or Ultra-Lite Aluminum Frame.  This 4' Extension requires a specific fitting for it to attach.  When ordering the Pro Packer Frame, you can exchange one Ridge End Fitting for a Middle Fitting (at no additional cost) so that you can add the Extension Pole.  The Ultra-Lite Aluminum frame requires a special fitting to be purchased when ordering the Extension Pole.

4' Steel Extension Pole  $15.00

4' Aluminum Extension Pole w/ Fitting  $61.00