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Canvas Tents - Wall Tent

We at Kwik Kamp take great pride in our canvas tents and wall tents.  We spend an extensive amount of time researching materials and fabricating processes, as well as field testing our canvas tents and tent frames.  We have created what we believe is "The Ultimate Wall Tent".  Our tents are built with today's quality canvas fabrics and are assembled utilizing the latest in manufacturing technology.

Outfitter Tent
Our Outfitter wall tent is built to withstand the hard use of today's outfitters as well as the individual camper. Single wall, dual and Triple upright tent frames available for the Outfitter Tent.
  More Information: Outfitter Tent
Kwik Pack Lite Tent
A unique and innovative design based on the time proven canvas wall tent. Two packages to choose from with special limited time prices.
  More Information: Kwik Pack Lite Tent
Kwik Kamp Kombo (Tent, Stove, Frame)
Only available while quantities last!
Packaged 14x16x5 10oz Treated Canvas Wall Tent, Camp Stove and Frame.
  More Information: Kwik Kamp Kombo (Tent, Stove, Frame)
Blue Mountain Special
12x14x5 10oz Treated Canvas Wall Tent packaged with Tent Frame options and stove.
  More Information: Blue Mountain Special
Easy Tent Setup
Step by step set up photos for setting up your Kwik Kamp wall tents. With our steel or aluminum tent frames setting up your tent is easier then ever.
  More Information: Easy Tent Setup

Just how good is our Kwik Kamp 12x16 Outfitter Tent?  It's so good it is hard to avoid sounding like a paid advertisement copy writer (I'm not!) when I sit down to write about this great piece of outdoor equipment.

First, our Kwik Kamp Outfitter was home for my wife and me during the entire month of September last year at 10,000' elevation in the John Muir Wilderness area just south of Mammoth Lakes, California.  During our "Wilderness Sabbatical" the wall tent performed beautifully, in fair and foul weather.

Near the end of the month, we had a number of snow storms, the last one dumping about 8 inches.  No problem: the rain fly shed the building snow load with a few, quick jerks.   The winds kicked up pretty good during storms at our camp on the rocky promontory.  Again, no problem: we had tied the tent down well, and the frame's and tent's flexibility during especially heavy wind bursts gave us great confidence that we wouldn't be blown off the mountain and that the tent and tent frame could withstand the gusts.  When the sun blessed our camp, we opened up the tent's windows on three sides, as well as the entire door end.  Great views and great ventilation.  We always felt safe and protected. (continued...)

Truly yours,

Charles R. Farrar Jr.

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