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Customer Tent and Frame Testimonials

Dear Pam and Kwik Kamp:

Just how good is our Kwik Kamp 12x16 Outfitter Tent?  It's so good it is hard to avoid sounding like a paid advertisement copy writer (I'm not!) when I sit down to write about this great piece of outdoor equipment.

First, our Kwik Kamp Outfitter was home for my wife and me during the entire month of September last year at 10,000' elevation in the John Muir Wilderness area just south of Mammoth Lakes, California.  During our "Wilderness Sabbatical" the wall tent performed beautifully, in fair and foul weather.

Near the end of the month, we had a number of snow storms, the last one dumping about 8 inches.  No problem: the rain fly shed the building snow load with a few, quick jerks.   The winds kicked up pretty good during storms at our camp on the rocky promontory.  Again, no problem: we had tied the tent down well, and the frame's and tent's flexibility during especially heavy wind bursts gave us great confidence that we wouldn't be blown off the mountain and that the tent and tent frame could withstand the gusts.  When the sun blessed our camp, we opened up the tent's windows on three sides, as well as the entire door end.  Great views and great ventilation.  We always felt safe and protected.

The wood stove was a life saver at that elevation.  Our propane came stove developed a leaky hose the first week, so we needed to cook exclusively on the Kwik Kamp camp stove.   Fantastic cooking surface.  And, needless to say, the stove kept us warm when temperatures dropped and what seemed to be an early winter set in at our 10,000' high camp.

This September my wife and I are planning a two-week camping trip in the mountains.   We will launch this trip with confidence born of experience that our Kwik Kamp Outfitter will provide great shelter and durability.

Around home, we have use the Kwik Kamp Outfitter as our bunk room for visiting children and younger relatives.  Great privacy from the adults, along with the adventure of sleeping outside.  (I must confess that I ran a TV cable and extension cords to the Outfitter for the younger generation's entertainment devices, a soft drink refrigerator and evening lighting.)   And best of all, the spare room packs away after the kids' visits are over.  Needless to say, this is the most economical spare room for visiting relatives on could imagine!  (If this use as the vising relatives spare room is not one that you emphasize, you should.)

As to quality, I was impressed when I unpacked the bags and remained totally impressed as I have seen how Kwik Kamp gear stands up to use in the wilds and by the young wild ones.   This is high quality, durable gear!  Congratulations!

Finally, your organization's service "walks on water" as far as I am concerned.   Always courteous and going the extra mile to meet my "high-maintenance" customer needs, Pam and the rest of the Kwik Kamp people involved with my orders have always delivered what they have promised and delivered on time at that.

Again, you should be very proud of your organization and your products!  Keep up the great work!

Truly yours,

Charles R. Farrar Jr.

"I lived in the tent for three months.  Best Investment I ever made in a tent"

Jim Allen

I would like to take just a minute to say thank you for all your help and for making the best quality tents on the market.  The tent dad and I got at the Portland show was the best from point of purchase to support after the sale.

The stove was the rage at camp as the stove held fire all night long and we always had hot water.  I had folks stopping in just to look at the whole set up.   The aluminum pole set was great and went up in a snap.

Marty H.

I received my (Kwik Kamp Kit) angles this week, and was surprised at just how easy it was to set up!  Your directions for cutting out my frame were perfect! My Tent has never looked better, and I am VERY PLEASED!

John Zieske

Hello From Wisconsin.

Just wanted to let you know that you make the best tent frame I've seen.   I have one of your Kwik Kamp frames in my wall tent.

Last April, a group of us went to South Dakota's Black Hills for a turkey hunt.  I don't know if you heard about the storm they had, but we spent 2 full days in the tent while outside it was 70 mph winds and 2+ feet of snow.  We were stranded until the snow melted.   The other tent (nylon dome) collapsed when about 100 pounds of snow fell off the trees.   Completely flat!  Gobs of snow just as big hit my tent and it never budged.   What could have been a disaster turned out to be a good adventure thanks to good equipment, and most importantly a good frame.

I've had my tent with Kwik Kamp frame in every extreme and it's never let me down.   Keep up the good work!

Kevin Wallenfang

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how good you are doing.  In October I ordered a Kwik Kamp Kit for my old canvas army tent.  It didn't have a pitch that matched your tents and frames so it had to be made.  It was needed in a little over a week so I could get everything set for our annual elk hunt.  The young lady that took my order was very helpful and told me exactly when it would ship, it showed up right on time.

Talk about a time saver, we had our tent setup up in about 15 minutes.  For years we cut a long pole for the ridge and had to cut side poles as well.  We then graduated to some 4" ABS pipe for the ridge pole and some 1 1/2" PVC pipe for the side poles.  The ABS and the PVC made it much easier but I looked like a plumbing truck every time we went hunting.  Roping the tent from the outside without an outside frame was stretching the tent way out of shape.  The inside frame works excellent, the tent looks better without all the old sags and has more room inside.  Thank you for an excellent idea.

Keep up the good work.

Terry K.
Junction City

     The "Marlboro" men from the neighboring campsite had correctly labeled my friend and I as novices early on when finally after listening to the "whish whish whish" of our Coleman lantern being pumped for an annoyingly long time, one of them volunteered with a shout: "you have to put your thumb over the hole!"  Next, when we began to lay out the myriad of poles across the ground which would become our tent frame while concurrently consulting with the instruction-sheet, I could feel the snickers emitting nearby as the virile mountaineers prepared themselves for an entertaining display of confused "city women" amongst an entanglement of steel shafts.  But thanks to the great design efforts of Kwik Kamp, we saved ourselves from further would-be humiliation by successfully erecting a beautiful, solid, 9 foot high gleaming structure in less time than it would have taken to condition our hair.  In fact we not only seemed to have instantly earned back whatever respect we'd lost over the lantern debacle, but the fellows were so curiously impressed they were compelled to inquire if they would be permitted on our site to "take a closer look."  Thanks Kwik Kamp for a terrific product as well as for saving the self-esteem of a couple of undeniably "roughing it easy" city women!

Pamela F.

Bob Hughes

Kwik Kamp

-- "The Name says it all"

     As an Outfitter we have set-up & broken down tent-camps, on Elk, Deer, Bear, Lion, Sheep & Turkey hunts.  We believe your tent frames are the ultimate.

      During the off season we continue to use your frame with a fly for parties, water hole projects, scouting trips & our last (4) Arizona Mule Deer Association Banquets.

     Thanks Chris and Angie for your dedication to the sportsman & camping industry.

Bob Hughes
Lazy Hoof Outfitters, Arizona

"Dear Kwik Kamp,

     Our hunting party was so very thankful for the strength of your dual upright tent frame. We endured an 80 m.p.h. windstorm this past elk season. The storm sent trees crashing down around and on top of us. Thanks to the superior strength of the dual upright frame, we were not hurt.  Thanks for such a great product."

Randy M. - Springfield, Oregon


     I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I like my new tent frame with Kwik Kamp Corners.  My 10 year old son and I were able to set up a 12x15 tent in under 30 minutes.  Not bat for the first time.  We should be able to cut that down with a little practice.  Thank you for developing this fantastic tent frame.  My tent is the 5th tent with a Kwik Kamp Frame in my muzzleloader club and we are all happy campers.


Scott H.

"Kwik Kamp,

I have used the Kwik Kamp frame for three seasons and have found no better system to pitch my wall tents.  The winds found in central Wyoming are as harsh as anywhere in the world and these frames are the only thing I have found to handle these conditions.  These frames are quick to setup and easy to transport, this is the only way to put up a wall tent."

Sy Gilliland
S-N-S Outfitter & Guide Service

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