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Photo Fun

Davis Hunting Party

Nick Kuntz and friends in his Kwik Kamp.

Sydney and Ronnie Fishing

Rachel, 12 years old with 1st buck, her grandpa rattled him, 1st shot at 75 yards with a 308.
Deni-Lynn 10 years old, with 1st buck, 1st shot at 300 yards with her 243.
The area we were hunting is Whitetail only 3 points or better!

British Colombia Goat Country

British Columbia

Another Kwik Kamp

Chris & Bobby.

Jeff's Blue Mt. Buck

Noble/Vollmer Wyoming Hunt

Randy Martin's Kwik Kamp tent & fabulous kitchen set up.

Blue Mountain Bull

Like Father, Like Daughter

Good Times

Nothing Like a Full Meat Pole

Mikes 1999 Alaskan Bull Moose

Sydney on Leon

Don's 1999 Alaskan Bull Moose

We have been very happy with your tent and hope you enjoy the attached pictures that shows two moose that we harvested on our hunting trip in October of this year. The group picture in front of the tent has a spread of 53 inches, the other one we took had a spread of 51 inches. Both sets of horns are shown in the second attachment. We hunted for these moose in northern British Columbia near the Yukon border. We ended up with almost 1500 lbs of moose meat, should be enough good eating for all of us.

Denis & Mary

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