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Kwik Shelf

Why dig through boxes to find what you want?  Why hassle with packing extra tables just so you have a place to store your gear off of the wet ground?  That isn't necessary if you use our Kwik Shelf.  The Kwik Shelf is perfect for storing food, dishes, gear, clothes, and more.  It attaches to your existing Kwik Kamp tent frame (on the side wall) to conserve on ground space.

The Kwik Shelf is modular.  You can have one or two shelves in a vertical row, or you can use the shelves individually throughout your tent. Since each shelf is modular, it breaks down to a size small enough to pack.

The entire unit is 17" tall and 37" wide.  The actual shelf is 34" long and 12" wide.

One Shelf $ 77.00 

Includes mounting hardware for one shelf. 8 lbs.

Two Shelf Set $ 164.00  Includes mounting hardware for both shelves, whether used in conjunction or used individually.  Also includes connector set to connect shelves together.   16 lbs.
Connector Set $ 10.00  Includes a set of two connectors. This is only needed if adding a second shelf at a later date.

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