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Kwik Kamp Wall Tents and Frames

Kwikkamp is proud to offer a line of innovative Canvas Wall Tents, Frames, the "Octagon" wood burning tent stoves and other outdoor products designed to make your camping trips comfortable and enjoyable. You can also use our tent frames for a shade awning/canopy for summer gatherings.

Kwik Kamp Wall Tent

Providing quality wall tents and strong internal wall tent frames

We have created what we believe is "The Ultimate Wall Tent". The Kwik Kamp Outfitter Tent is loaded with unique features for the hunting trips or as an extended stay camping tent. At Kwik Kamp we manufacture our tents with 5' walls and use today's quality canvas fabrics. Our tents are assembled utilizing the latest design and manufacturing technology for extra durability. Kwik Kamp wall tents are great for hunting and camping, and durable enouph for your long pack trips and outfitter excursions. With your Kwik Kamp canvas wall tent you will keep warm and dry on those cold snowy or rainy nights, while you can open the tent door and windows on those warm days to let in a nice breeze. Add a window in one or more of the walls.

All of our wall tents finish at the full floor size, providing you with a tent that is approximately 10% larger than the competition's "Cut Size" tents.

Complete Packages (wall tent, stove and frame)

How to measure your tent: If you are wanting to match a frame to an existing tent please follow the link to measure your tent.

Hello From Wisconsin.

Just wanted to let you know that you make the best tent frame I've seen.   I have one of your Kwik Kamp frames in my wall tent.

Last April, a group of us went to South Dakota's Black Hills for a turkey hunt.  I don't know if you heard about the storm they had, but we spent 2 full days in the tent while outside it was 70 mph winds and 2+ feet of snow.  We were stranded until the snow melted.   The other tent (nylon dome) collapsed when about 100 pounds of snow fell off the trees.   Completely flat!  Gobs of snow just as big hit my tent and it never budged.   What could have been a disaster turned out to be a good adventure thanks to good equipment, and most importantly a good tent frame.

I've had my tent with Kwik Kamp frame in every extreme and it's never let me down.   Keep up the good work!

Kevin Wallenfang

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